Use CSV to generate bulk links for Automizy

Share your audience information with Nexweave in a CSV sheet and generate a unique experience link for each name on the list. Upload the same to Automizy to share these links with each recipient!

Let us begin by creating a campaign:

Configure a Nexweave Campaign

Nexweave's integrated campaigns allow you to select and combine video and image templates to create one-of a kind personalised and interactive experiences for your audience.

In case you are unfamiliar with our campaign manager, our require a refresher, you can find all our resources relevant to Nexweave campaigns here.

For the purpose of our demonstration, we will be creating an experience wherein a customer receives a personalised image in their email, which is hyperlinked to a video landing page.

  1. Start by navigating to the Campaign section on the left navigation bar. This will take you to the Campaign manager, where you need to click on Create New Campaign
  2. Enter the desired campaign name and select the campaign type that you would like to create. We have chosen an Image + Video campaign type as we want to incorporate both personalised images and videos in our experience. However, you may choose either Image or Video campaign types based on your preferences

Document image

3. Next, select the Image and Video Templates that you want to use.

Please note : only templates that have been created on your account and are visible under 'My Templates' will be available for selection here. You can refer to our documentation here, to learn more about creating Image and Video templates. Click on the dropdown for Image and Video templates to select the desired templates

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For our demonstration, we have selected :

  • Video template : Welcome to the Family
  • Video thumbnail : Welcome Message - Play
  • Image template : Welcome Message - Play

4. Select your preferred Image domain and Landing Page URL (you can learn more about setting up custom landing pages here). Click on Save and Proceed to continue.

We will now specify the Activation method for the campaign

Activation method for the campaign

  1. Under Activate you will have to select the method you want to use to launch this campaign. The different activation methods have been detailed here. The selection of the method will vary based on the platform you are choosing to integrate with.To use the CSV method, select Bulk Link Campaign from the dropdown.
  2. Next click on Download Template to download the CSV template. This template will contain each personalisation variable as a column header.
  3. Fill in the CSV template with audience information for each variable. Please note: if recipient's Email is not one of the variables included in your list, you will have to add the same as a separate column in the CSV sheet.
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4. Next, click on Upload CSV and select the populated CSV created in the previous step. You can click to preview the image and video templates selected, if you wish to

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5. Once done, click on Generate Links to create unique links for each row.

6. Finally, click on Download links to download the CSV sheet with Nexweave media links included. 

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You can also click on Get Embed code to view the Image embed code for email.

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Next let us move to the Automizy platform and setup the contact list

Automizy Contact Setup

  1. Start by logging into your Automizy Account
  2. First, create custom contact fields within Automizy. These contact fields will be mapped with the Nexweave variables at a later stage. Click on Settings on the left navigation bar and click on Contact field.

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3. As we can see, there are certain pre-existing contact fields for common variables such as name, email, website etc.

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For any other personalisation variables you have in your selected Nexweave video and image templates, you will have to add additional fields.

4. We also need to add custom fields for the image and video links that were generated from Nexweave in previous steps. Click on New Field and select the field type as Short Text. Enter a field name. Click on Next to complete. The field and corresponding merge tag will be added to the contact field list. 

Document image

We have added the fields:

  • Imagelink
  • Videolink

5. Navigate to Contacts to create your contacts list. Set the Name for your contacts list and click on OK  to confirm.

Document image

6. Next, click on Import CSV and select the CSV file that was downloaded from Nexweave containing the audience information and unique media links

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7. Next, map the columns in your CSV (which are Nexweave variables) with Contact fields in Automizy. After mapping variables, select the list name so that the contacts can be imported to that particular list. Click on Start Import to complete

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8. Once complete, Automizy will direct you to your contact list to review the contacts added to the page

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Automizy Campaign Setup

1. Navigate to Campaigns and click on New Campaign

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2. Select an email template or create one from scratch. For our demonstration, we will be using the Drag and Drop email editor. 

Document image

3. Setup the email. Configure details for the Campaign Name, Sender Name, Sender Email and Subject Line. Click on Next to continue.

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4. Under Design Email, you can drag and drop content blocks to the email body. Let’s start by adding text. Drag and drop the text block to open the corresponding editor. To add personalisation variables, you can click on Personalisation within the text editor and select the desired variable name. 

Document image

5. To add the personalised Image to the experience, drag and drop the Code Snippet block to the Email body. This will launch the HTML editor.In the HTML block, copy and paste the following code: <a href="{{videolink}}"> <img src="{{imagelink}}" width="75%"> </a>

Where :

  • {{videolink}} is the variable field we created to map with the Video URLs in the CSV file 
  • {{imagelink}} is the variable field we created to map with the Image URLs in the CSV file 

You may replace these fields with the custom fields you created and mapped at your end

Document image

Click Next to continue

Note: In the preview, the image may not be displayed. However, it will appear as designed when shared in an email

6. Under the Preview section, to test out the campaign, enter an email ID that exists in your Automizy contact list and click on Send Test. You can review the email received and verify the campaign details Please note : The email ID entered must be added to your Automizy Contact List

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7. Once verified, click on Next to continue. You then need to select your target audience from your Automizy contact lists. Select the contact list that was created under Automizy Contact Setup

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8. Click on Check  to confirm the contact details before sending.

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9. Once verified, click on Send Now to complete! Your personalised images and videos will be on their way to impress your prospects!