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Nexweave engage your audiences with interactive videos that can be personalized for millions! Nexweave integrates by embedding links to your website A nexweave experience can be delivered through any platform which supports video files and links.

Nexweave integration with Embedding links is much easier and it helps to attract more traffic to your e-commerce platform.

Create a video template 🎧

  1. Create a template using a custom variable.
Create video template
Create video template

2. Complete your template designing and publish your template.

Get your embed code

When you finish designing your template its time to get your embed code.

1.Search for the template you have created in a My Template tab on left side of the page.

2.Click on the "use" button on your template card.

Use template
Use template

3. Click on the "Get embed code" button.

4. A popup will appear with your video experience and embed code.

Get your embed code
Get your embed code

5. Click on "Copy" button to copy code on clipboard.

Now you can integrate your embed code on the WordPress platform

Add video experience on WordPress platform 🤩

On the WordPress page, you can easily add your personalized videos using embed code. Just follow the few steps.

1.Select a page on you want to add your personalized video and go to the edit section of the same page.

Select Page in WordPress
Select Page in WordPress

2. Select the option ‘Edit as HTML’ to embed the code.

3. A textarea will appear with label "HTML".

4. Add your copied embed code from Nexweave platform here in this textarea.

Paste Embed Code
Paste Embed Code

5. Update the code and preview the video.

Preview  Video
Preview Video

Updated 22 Dec 2020
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