Updated 22 Dec 2020

Landingi Pages

Nexweave Experience can be added to the Landingi Pages with the help of our Javascript SDK.

Embed Nexweave Experience on Landingi Pages

  • Create a landing page on Landingi.
  • Drag-Drop HTML block onto the Landing page.

Document image
Drag-Drop HTML block

  • Select a video Template from Nexweave.

  • Generate a link with variables and Copy the Embed Code.

Document image
Copy the Embed code

  • Click on the Edit HTML button.
Document image

  • Paste the Embed code copied from the Nexweave platform

Document image
Paste the Embed code

  • Save and Preview the page now.

Override Variable

Nexweave variables can be override or updated by passing the values from the URL parameters.

Example: https://mylandingpage.com?VAR_NAME=Elon (Note: "VAR_" is a prefix for each of the Nexweave variables which need to be changed from the URL.)