Integrate your app with Nexweave using only a script tag. You can create campaigns on Nexweave and generate links right in your platform.


  • Add the following script to the body tag of the window you want this Iframe in.

This will load the below UI inside any div tag with id="nexweave"

Document image
  • Users will have to create campaigns and API keys on Nexweave to be able to use this integration. They can Log In using the API key, select a campaign from the list, and map the variables from the campaign to your app's default variables.
  • On clicking "Insert Experience", we send a post message from the above iFrame to the parent window. The parent window needs to now listen to this message event. You can use the following script tag to do so.
  • In the code above, we have logged e.data.payload , so you can see the actual data that the Nexweave iFrame returns on the console. You can use this data and insert in your compose boxes, chat bots, etc.

  • Note: The link in the script provided to embed the nexweave iFrame varies from application to application. If you want to integrate with Nexweave, please contact us and we will give you a unique link for the script.

Updated 14 Apr 2021
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