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Nexweave engage your audiences with interactive videos that can be personalized for millions! A nexweave experience can be delivered through any platform which supports video files and links. This includes email, SMS, WhatsApp, website banners, chat messages & advertising platforms.

Create a video template

1.Create a template using custom variable.

Create video template
Create video template

2. Fill all the template details and publish the template.

3. Click on the "Define Meta" tab and generate a test link to get a shortid ( shortid we will use later on to render default video on WordPress page/post ).

Generate test link
Generate test link

Create a campaign

1.Go to "Campaign" tab to create a new campaign.

2. Fill the campaign name and description.

3. Select a template name from "Video Template for Experience" dropdown.

4. Also select a Image thumbnail from the next dropdown, which you have created for the given template.

5. Enter your personalized Landing page url. Add /?nexid=[ID] next to your page/blog URL.

5. Click on "Save and Proceed".

Setup campaign
Setup campaign
Enter your landing page URL
Enter your landing page URL

6. On the "Connect Source" tab click on "Choose source" button ( A modal will appear with "Download template" button and "Upload file" ).

7. Click on the "Download template" button. ( This will download a sample CSV file with your template variables as headers )

8. Fill the CSV file for bulk link generation.

9. Upload a filled sheet in the modal.

Upload CSV
Upload CSV

10. On upload success, go the "Campaign" tab.

11. Search for the campaign you have created and launch the campaign.

12. Refresh the page after some time and download the sheet in CSV format.

1.Add the CSV sheet on "Google sheet".

2. Run the script assign for the campaign.

3. Script will generate a personalised link for the wordpress page/post and automatically add in the column

4. Download the newly created CSV file.

Install and activate Nexweave plugin

  1. Download or upload Nexweave plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. After plugin uploaded successfully click on "Activate plugin".
  3. A new tab with name Nexweave will be added on your WordPress dashboard.

After activating nexweave plugin you can easily add video experience on you WordPress blog and pages. Nexweave plugin generate a shortcode which render your video experience on your blog dynamically.

Generate a Shortcode

1.Click on Nexweave plugin admin panel from the left side of dashboard's navbar.

Document image

2. Enter your test link shortid in the "Short ID" textfield ( This shortid will render a personalised video experience based on the logged in user information, if user is not originated from the campaign and not signed-in in your WordPress site ).

3. Enter a campaign id (Optional) if you want to run your campaign via WordPress site.

4. While your personalized video is playing on your WordPress pages or blogs, visitors can also create their own personalized experience by filliing the form below. How to render the form ? i) Click on the "Click to render form with video experience" checkbox. ii) enter your API key from the Nexweave platform, enter form title and button label. That's it, your experience is ready to render form below your video experience to generate more personalized videos for your visitors.

Render video expericne form
Render video expericne form

5. For generating logged in user based experience fill the text area in the given format (WordPress available variables you can copy from the right side panel). eg. USERNAME:[WP_FIRSTNAME] EMAIL: [WP_EMAIL]

6. Click on the "Generate Short Code" button to generate short code for nexweave experience.

7. Copy and paste that code anywhere in the page or post where you wish to render personalised video.

8. For every user links, plugin will render a different personalised video experience.

9. You can also generate a report of the experience short id you have created. If the experience is created with the campaign, then you can see the analytics of your campaign in the campaign tab of nexweave plaform.

(Note: If WordPress page/post link is generated from the campaign, then campaign variables data override logged in user information )

Updated 19 Feb 2021
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