Swipe Pages

Nexweave Experience can be added to the Swipe Landing Pages with the help of our Javascript SDK.

Embed Nexweave Experience on Swipe Page

  • Create a landing page on Swipe Pages.
  • Create a section on the Landing Page & HTML module to it.

Select HTML module
Select HTML module

  • Select a video Template from Nexweave.

Select Video Template
Select Video Template

  • Generate a link with variables and Copy the Embed Code.

Copy the Embed code
Copy the Embed code

  • Paste the copied code into the HTML module of the Swipe page.

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Override Variable

Nexweave variables can be override or updated by passing the values from the URL parameters.

Example: https://nexweave-swipepages.swipepages.net/?VAR_NAME=Elon (Note: "VAR_" is a prefix for each of the Nexweave variables which need to be changed from the URL.)

Updated 22 Dec 2020
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