MailerLite Campaign

Nexweave generated campaign links (Video & Image experiences) can be sent using the MailerLite emailing platform.

Create a video template

  1. Create a template using a custom variable.
Create video template
Create video template

2. Fill all the template details and publish the template.

Create an image thumbnail

1.Go to the "My Thumbnails" tab to create new image thumbnails.

2. Click on the "Create New Template" button.

Create image thumbnail
Create image thumbnail

3. Create an Image thumbnail using a custom variable and save the changes.

Create a campaign

1.Go to "Campaign" tab to create a new campaign.

2. Fill the campaign name and description.

3. Select a template name from "Video Template for Experience" dropdown.

4. Also select a Image thumbnail from the next dropdown, which you have created for the given template.

5. Click on "Save and Proceed".

Create campaign
Create campaign

6. On the "Connect Source" tab click on "Choose source" button ( A modal will appear with "Download template" button and "Upload file" ).

7. Click on the "Download template" button. ( This will download a sample CSV file with your template variables as headers ).

8. Fill the CSV file for bulk link generation.

9. Upload a filled sheet in the modal.

Upload CSV
Upload CSV

10. On upload success, go the "Campaign" tab.

11. Search for the campaign you have created and launch the campaign.

12. Refresh the page after some time and download the sheet in CSV format.

Using the below csv as the Nexweave generate

MailerLite campaign setup

Now to send this Nexweave experiences to the users, we would require to import the CSV generated from the Nexweve campaign, if there are new users then new subscribers would be added to the subscriber list and if they are existing subscribers they would be merged with the new values. The video and image links generated from the Nexweave campaign would go as a custom field and then the dynamic field values would be used to send personalized Nexweave campaign.

Let's go through it step by step.

  1. Import the CSV sheet into the subscribers by clicking on Add new Subscribers.
Document image

2. Click on Select it from your Computer

Document image

3. Now upload the CSV file and click on Import.

Document image

4. You will now be able to see multiple fields, of which you can skip other fields and just import the image and videolinks by adding a new text field and click on Import.

Document image

5. Now, the new subscribers will be added and if they already exist they will be updated.

Document image

6. Now, Create a New Campaign from the Campaign page.

Document image

7. Choose any of the editor which allows HTML editing. We choose Drag & Drop Editor.

Document image

8. Drag & Drop and component which supports HTML editor and add the following snippet to inject Nexweave Image & Video experience, as shown in the image.


Document image

Note: Here, we choose videolink & imagelink as these were the names which we had given to custom fields while importing the CSV in step 4. If you have used a different name you have to use the same name here too.

9. Now try sending a Test email to one of the subscribers that you have added from the list.


  • If you send a test email to the subscriber who does not have these fields set image won't be displayed then.
  • In the Preview mode, you won't be able to see the image, however the same will be reflected once you send it over an email. (Send a test email).