Personalized Videos using Texau

Automate the process of sending personalized videos to your Linkedin prospects using Texau and Nexweave.

An example of Nexweave experience sent as a Linkedin message using Texau automation.

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The above output can be achieved using Texau's Linkedin Basic Info Extractor Spice & Send a Linkedin message spice along with the Nexweave spice.

This is how the recipe would look like.

Personalised Video Recipe
Personalised Video Recipe

Detailed Steps:

  1. Add Linkedin Basic Info Extractor spice and configure the PROFILE URL property to the Linkedin profile link of the Linkedin prospects.
  2. Add Nexweave spice to the recipe.
  3. Enter the Nexweave spice details.

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  • NEXWEAVE API KEY: This is the unique API key for each Nexweave account, you can get it from the Integration tab or generate a new one.
  • CAMPAIGN ID / TEMPLATE ID: You can choose to send Nexweave experience from an existing/new campaign or directly from the template. You can choose to select either one of them.
  • VARIABLES: Each Nexweave experience can have one or multiple variables. Depending on the template/campaign you may have a different set of variables that needs to be added to the Nexweave spice.
    • In the above example, we had a selected Template with a single variable i.e. USERNAME, and we mapped the Nexweave variable value (USERNAME) to the Texau variable (firstName).
    • In case, the selected Nexweave Template/Campaigns have more than 1 variable then the same needs to be added here in the Nexweave spice and mapped to the corresponding Texau variable.

4. Add Send a Linkedin Message spice, and include the output of the Nexweave spice inside the message template.

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5. Run the recipe.