MailerLite Campaign With Single Link

Nexweave generated campaign links (Video & Image experiences) can be sent using the MailerLite emailing platform.

This guide will help you to generate an email sequence where a user gets a personalized image in the email and clicking on the image takes the user to the custom landing page which has personalized and/or interactive video.

Detailed Steps

  • Create Video Template
  • Create Image Template
  • Create Image Thumbnail
  • Create Nexweave Campaign, select the corresponding Video, Image & Thumbnail template.
  • Enter the landing page url where you want the nexweave experience to appear.
Create Campaign
Create Campaign

  • On the Connect Source tab, download the CSV template, just fill a single row and save the file. Here, I had just a single variable across all the templates.
CSV Tempalte
CSV Tempalte
  • Save the file and upload it on the Connect Source page.
Template Uploaded.
Template Uploaded.

  • Go to the Campaigns page, and Launch the Campaign.

Launch Campaign
Launch Campaign
  • Click on "Download Links", a CSV will be downloaded, with a single entry, similar to the image below.
Personalised Image & Video Link
Personalised Image & Video Link

links: This represents the video link, where the video experience will be played. imageLinks: This represents the personalized image link.

MailerLite campaign setup

Here, now we will the single link generated from the Nexweave campaign to send a personalized image and video links to the subscriber's list. Now, Create a New Campaign from the Campaign page.

  1. Create Campaign in MailerLite.
Document image

2. Choose any of the editors which allows HTML editing. We choose Drag & Drop Editor.

Document image

3. Drag & Drop and component which supports HTML editor and add the links generated from the Nexweave campaigns along with the additional details that we would like to appear on the images & videos.



videoLinks: The variables of Nexweve video experience can be modified by passing them with the help of query parameters. Each variable we need to override or updated needs to added to the url along with its value. Note: Variables need to have a prefix of VAR_.

Hence, in the above code snippet we could see that we added VAR_USERNAME={$name} to the link that was generated from the Nexweave campaign.{$name}, is the personalization variable given by the Mailerlite platform.

imageLinks: The variables of Nexweave Image templates too can be updated by passing their values in the query parameter, just the format here is different compared to video. Here, we append the following snippet for the variables that need to be updated.


Here, the variable value will be the actual value that needs to be replaced in the email. Hence the snippet has an image src set to, https://api.nexweave.com/image/v2/thumbnail/rSpRcrque?data=%7B%22USERNAME%22%3A%22{$name}%22%7D. Here, {$name}, is the personalization variable given by the Mailerlite platform.

This is how the image would appear in Preview, send a test email, the actual values will be replaces in the email.

Campaign Preview
Campaign Preview

Updated 16 Jan 2021
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